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Take your coffee, tea, and snacks up a level! Finally, a better-for-you, dairy-free alternative to half-and-half and sugar. Unlike coffee creamers loaded with questionable ingredients you can’t pronounce, and artificial sweeteners (that always seem to taste artificial), the clean blend of NaFrosting® tastes sweet right off the spoon! It's delicious in oatmeal, or as a tasty spread on a cracker...

  • Dairy-Free
  • Naturally sweet and tastes amazing!
  • Thick, unique frosting texture
  • Pure ingredients: raw honey, organic coconut oil, organic cacao, Ceylon cinnamon
  • 100% Junk-free
  • NO artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, gums, or emulsifiers
  • Nutrient dense; Natural, sustainable energy 
  • Easily mixes into your favorite cup of coffee, tea or any hot beverage or food
  • Better tasting than sugarand better for you 

A good value, a 16 oz jar of NaFrosting® can last a few weeks or up to a month, depending upon usage. No need to worry about refrigeration or expiration. NaFrosting® will store well in your cabinet and has a long two-year shelf life—even once it's opened! 

Nutrition Facts

NaFrosting natural coffee frosting is nutrient dense and will keep you full for hours! NaFrosting natural coffee frosting can be part of a balanced meal. Just add a simple protein and you’ll transform your breakfast into a long-burn, energy-sustaining powerhouse that will keep you satisfied throughout your busy morning. NaFrosting is made with just a few, simple whole foods:

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Cacao, Ceylon Cinnamon

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The Chubby Home Chef
How is this stuff so good!

Coming from someone who can eat honey straight from the jar, the flavor of this is incredible. I love putting it in my tea and spreading it on saltines as a sweet and salty sugar craving buster. It's better than nutella! There I said it! BETTER!!!

NaFrosting helped me to break my sugar addiction!

"NaFrosting helped me to break my sugar addiction! For years, I’ve always added sugar and powdered creamer to each cup. To cut back on sugar, I’ve tried every conceivable alternative under the sun. Standard flavored additives, like French Vanilla, and Carmel are too sweet. Sugar-free or sugar-substitutes of any kind have that nasty “fake” aftertaste. The almond, and coconut-based creamers are either super-bland or they change my coffee into an entirely different hot beverage that tastes like the base milk they're made from. NaFrosting is the only product I can add to my coffee that I like just as much as sugar and creamer. NaFrosting looks like-and has the texture of-cake frosting. The fact that it’s a healthy alternative sends the experience to a different level. I crave it in the mornings. Love it!"

Emily K
Tasty new product on the market!

"NaFrosting is an amazing treat and addition to morning coffee, croissants, and tea! So tasty! The hint of honey is perfect and versatile. I love NaFrosting stays handy on my desk for a nutty-honey afternoon coffee (no need to check office milk expiry dates). One of my favorite new treats is to give animal crackers a quick spread at break; it also is regularly spread on morning toast. My officemate, also an early adopter (steals mine), loves it in her tea. A fantastic tasty new product on the market!"


Great product. Flavorful. Easy to store, and use. I like the bottle

Kris T
So Tasty!

I really enjoyed NaFrosting!!! It gave my coffee a nice creamy consistency and a hint of sweetness. So nice to have a guilt free tasty addition to my coffee. Great to use on the rim of an espresso martini too!!!!!